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With Fort Wayne’s area code (260) in the name…this one of a kind #SkoolieSalon was built to spoil the people that make up the awesome city of Fort Wayne, Indiana. 


  • Unite the community by partnering with other local businesses and organizations. 

  •  Fill location and convenience gaps in our city. We will be at all areas of Fort Wayne and get you in and out in a hurry! 

  • Give Back! All first responders, teachers, nurses, and veterans receive $5 OFF, always. 

  • Increase environmental awareness by; encouraging recycling, composting hair scraps, and donating proceeds to local environmental groups. 


  • Self care in a hurry!

  • Inspiration to feel RELAXED, REJUVENATED, and ready for the day, night, and tomorrow! 

  • Cut down the “get ready” time at home by providing blowdry + styles that last 2-3 days 

  • Convenience and fun for the whole family. 


THE 411

Hi, I’m Beth! Here’s a quick little 411 of my background and then I’ll get to the good stuff.

I graduated from South Side High School and got my Cosmetology license from Anthis Career Center at the same time. After completing high school I attended Indiana University, Bloomington where I studied Human Development and Sociology. 

Bloomington was where I got my first taste of entrepreneurship and I rented a booth in the back of a barbershop after quickly building my clientele in a corporate salon my first 2 years of college. 

Once I graduated from IU, I relocated to Indianapolis, Indiana where I quickly realized working 40 hours a week as an entry level- commissioned- hairstylist wasn’t enough to pay bills and move forward in life. 

In 2013 I moved back to Fort Wayne, quit doing hair and decided to use my 60k college degree. I did various things like substitute teaching, retail management, and freight brokerage. Once I started a family and became a mom, I realized how much I loved teaching and working with people. 

My wheels started turning and after I went back into the beauty industry out of passion and burning desire to be a hair artist, I had this wonderful idea that has now lead to 260HAIRBUS. 

I took the entrepreneurial- home building skills passed on to me from my Father, combined those with design and painting skills passed on to me by my Mother, and purchased a 2005 International school bus from the New Haven School District. 

This “bus idea” filled my desire to give back to my community, teach my 13 years of experience in hair and business, and give stylists who are just starting their career, a place to make a living wage while building their clientele at the same time! 

I’m so grateful for 1st Source Bank for accepting my vision and providing financial backing to complete the project. I’m so grateful for my electrician/tech-savvy/strong friend who made this complex/ off-grid electrical system possible. I’m grateful to my daughters for being so patient and selfless and understanding that Mommy had a mission. I’m so grateful to my family and friends and support system that believed in me and kept me going with the power drill through the hard days. 

It’s been a lonnnngggggg year and a half but I’m so excited for what the future holds! 

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